Epic (W)Rap Battle of Babywearing

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Epic Wrap Battle of Babywearing
© by ObilessMomof6, BEAT PRODUCED BY: Keal
Babywearing (W)Rap/ Rap-Video aus dem Kreativ-Wettbewerb von Obimama , Februar 2012

— Are You Challenging My Babywearing? — Yes, I am!

I’ll shed some light for you
Since you’re questioning my skills
How I cook and clean all day
And also keep on the bills
Each morning the alarm rings
And it’s time to get a movin‘
Grab my baby and a wrap
So that we can get a groovin‘
I make your breakfast and your lunch
And send you on your way
With this baby on my back
I keep a handle on my day
I school our half a dozen kids
Do the wash and push a broom
I don’t even get a break
To be alone in the bathroom

(Jen’s husband)
Listen up woman,
I hate to burst your bubble
With this baby on my back
I can do nearly double
Check the oil, mow the yard
Clean the gutters, write a card
Change the filter on the fridge
There ain’t nothing that’s too hard
When the kids get out of line
The baby ain’t in the way
I dish out discipline directly
And I get on with my day
I can rock out on guitar
And in a stroke of ironica
There’s a baby on my back
Playin backup on harmonica

Babywearin’s in my blood
It goes back every generation
My granny’s granny wore a baby
While fighting for this nation
I may have startet with a MobyWrap
An ergo and a ring sling
But when it comes to what you know
Boy I taught you everything
I can double hammock rock
Knotless finish and slipknot
Tighten rails thread by thread
All my passes are so taunt
Every head receives a kiss
Every seat is knee to knee
And that you can manage boy
Is a buckled SSC

(Jen’s husband)
You are just an amateur
I’m a babywearing genius
Got this baby wrapped up tight
Where nothing will come between us
I tie wraps that moms ain’t never heard of
Like the double canopy
Figure eight fishing rod work glove
The way I wrap is so wizardly
Magical it’s like sorcery
Wrapping telekinetically
Watch your back cause it’s trickery
My baby wearing ability
Is up there with nobility
It’s only fitting that I should be
Rockin an OBI

Well if you’re ready now
To put an end to all this drama
Shake your pay pal tree
And let’s get an Obimama

(Jen’s husband)
I got my pay pal tree all stacked and ready
But you better promise me you’ll pick a wrap
that’s daddy friendly
With kombi straps
And a tie waist would be cool
And ask that Obimama
For a holster for my tools

And a neck roll
And I want it reversible
With knee pads, a toy loop
And a hood that’s adjustable
Just can’t survive another featherweight Friday
Wrap conversions haunt my sleep

Word to the Obiless Mama


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